26 Feb 2009

Thursday's newspaper headlines

10:31 am on 26 February 2009

Identity fraudsters may have stolen packages of passports; Army shifts $2 million clothing contract from Levin company to China; new elective surgery theatres planned.

NZ Herald

The paper quotes real estate agents, economists and property authors saying now is the time to buy a house, as long as your job is secure.

The New Zealand Herald carries a photo of Victoria Cross winner Willie Apiata meeting trooper Mark Donaldson, the first Australian in 40 years to get a VC.

Police say identity fraudsters may have stolen packages of passports sent by courier.

The paper outlines a new report into the Air New Zealand airbus crash off France.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post says the army is shifting a $2 million clothing contract from Levin company Swazi Apparel to China on the eve of the Government's job summit.

Police are looking at a system that would let people text in an emergency instead of calling "111".

Wellington's mayor Kerry Prendergast has backed property investor Bob Jones' call to ban all cars in the city centre but adds the city is too young for it to happen yet.

The Press

The paper details the report into the Air New Zealand crash and says the New Zealand pilots' union feels more confident about the French investigation into the crash now its own expert is taking part.

Three new elective surgery theatres are planned for Canterbury as part of the Government's $180 million push to shorten waiting lists.

The Press carries the result of a study showing prolonged sitting, such as at your office desk, could increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Otago Daily Times

The ODT's front page is given over entirely to the aftermath of the violent student toga parade. Retailers are calling for the annual event to be cancelled and photos show them cleaning the fronts of shops of egg, vomit and blood.

It runs an editorial declaring "A message to miscreats - Pack your bags" saying Otago University should be telling the toga students to pack up and go.