26 Feb 2009

Occupiers' actions will not help land return, says trustee

4:08 pm on 26 February 2009

A trustee for Maori land beside Lake Taupo says the actions of a group of occupiers will make no difference to a long-standing effort to get some council land returned.

The Taupo District Council this week evicted three adults and several children from a former rowing club headquarters.

The council says the land is a legal road, and the shed has been removed to give the public better access to the water.

Deputy chair of the Paenoa Te Akau Trust, Tom Walters, says the protesters were part of a group which has been occupying different land blocks around the lake, to the annoyance of the majority of landowners.

The land was not confiscated, Mr Walters says, rather, an agreement was made with the trustees at the time.

Tom Walters says the Paenoa Te Akau Trust is seeking a meeting with the council to discuss the future of the land.