17 Aug 2010

Home detention for driver who caused fatal crash

10:47 pm on 17 August 2010

A Blenheim motorist who fled from a police checkpoint and crashed into another car killing the driver has been sentenced to home detention.

Frances Carol Stubbs, 20, admitted driving with excess blood alcohol causing the death of 51 year-old Penelope Phillips in March this year.

Judge Bruce Davidson sentenced Stubbs to eight months' home detention and 160 hours of community work when she appeared in Blenheim District Court on Tuesday.

Stubbs was also disqualified from driving for three-and-a half years.

The judge said home detention would not have been an option for him three years ago and Stubbs would have been jailed.

He accepted her actions were were due to panic and fright with no thought as to the consequences.

Stubbs's father says the family was prepared for a prison sentence and is grateful about the outcome.

Peter Stubbs says a prison sentence would not have served anyone and they have held restorative justice meetings with the Phillips family, who have shown compassion and a measure of forgiveness.