31 Mar 2009

Tuesday's newspaper headlines

6:43 am on 31 March 2009

Haiden Mark Davis was on bail the night he killed Auckland Grammar student Augustine Borrell; air dispute could cause chaos for thousands of travellers; "honest angel" handed in $1,700 to police.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald's lead story says convicted murderer Haiden Mark Davis had amassed a dozen criminal convictions and was on bail for aggravated assault and theft the night he stabbed Auckland Grammar student Augustine Borrell to death.

Also on the paper's front page, a New Zealand registered company is being accused of fleecing 200 American investors of $US40 million.

Dominion Post

The paper says a new law on compulsory meal breaks will be changed unless airport safety bosses and control tower staff resolve a dispute which could cause chaos for thousands of travellers. Prime Minister John Key says the Government will step in if the state-owned Airways Corporation and the air traffic controllers' union cannot agree.

And under something of a "fishy" headline, the Dominion Post reports a catering company that falsely passed off tinned seafood as high-end Waikanae crabmeat was employed to cater a Wellington City council mayoral function.

The Press

The paper says New Zealand graduates get the worst financial reward for their years of study of any country in the developed world.

On the airways dispute, the Press says Air New Zealand has warned it will have to cancel 25 flights a week after the Civil Aviation Authority signalled some planes will be banned from five regional airports because of proposed control tower closures.

A Christchurch woman is being hailed as an "honest angel" after handing in $1,700 in cash to police.

Otago Daily Times

The ODT says the Dunedin City Council has effectively ignored one of two resolutions carried at Sunday's 'Stop the Stadium'-organised meeting. The public will not get a further chance to put their views before a contract to build the stadium has been signed.

A circus elephant at the centre of an animal rights controversy has been banned from Dunedin City Council reserves.