31 Mar 2009

Wellington bus drivers unimpressed with ticket system

3:23 pm on 31 March 2009

Bus drivers in Wellington are fed up with the city's new transport ticketing system, saying software problems are leaving them out of pocket and even putting passengers in danger.

Bus company Go Wellington introduced snapper cards more than six months ago. The cards are a pre-paid, plastic bus pass which calculates the distance travelled and deducts fare payments.

At the Wellington Tramways Union annual general meeting on Monday, drivers passed a unanimous vote of no-confidence in the system.

Drivers told of having to pay the balance when computer glitches mean their fare reconciliation forms do not tally.

The union's president, Nick Kelly, says the technology is a hazard to customers who push their arms inside buses' closing doors to tag-off, so they are not overcharged.

Bus operator NZ Bus says Snapper was not among the issues raised at a meeting with the union on Monday.