1 Apr 2009

Mayor seeks single council for West Coast

10:14 pm on 1 April 2009

A lobby group on the West Coast of the South Island is calling for a single council to replace the four councils in the region.

A petition has been circulated calling for a single council, or absorbing the functions of the West Coast regional council into the three district councils.

Grey District Mayor Tony Kokshoorn is spearheading the campaign.

Mr Kokshoorn says there are people with vested interests who do not support the move, but believes it will save ratepayers' money.

He says the region is over-governed, with four councils serving a population of 32,000.

However, Westland District Mayor Maureen Pugh says the petition is underhand and is disappointed Mr Kokshoorn did not consult with other mayors beforehand.

Mr Kokshoorn is confident the petition will get 10% of electors' signatures required for the Local Government Commission to investigate the amalgamation.