7 Apr 2009

Tuesday's newspaper headlines

8:23 am on 7 April 2009

A further 60,000 job losses predicted; Government to give grassroots more say in Auckland super-city; 46 honours recipients will accept titles.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald says John Key will announce a super-city council for Auckland, but one with more grassroots democracy than recommended by the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance.

More than half the 85 honours recipients offered the option of becoming knights or dames say they want the titles. The Prime Minister says 53 responses have been received - 46 accepting the titles and seven rejecting them.

Dominion Post

The paper says unemployment is now set to go above the Treasury's previous worst-case scenario of 7.2%, leaving a further 60,000 people jobless by next year.

Increasing carnage on Wellington roads is prompting a drastic rethink of the region's road safety plan. The Dominion Post says a report to be presented to a regional council committee on Wednesday finds that fatal and serious crashes in the region are increasing significantly faster than both travel and population rates, vaulting Wellington ahead of Auckland in terms of the number of casualties per capita.

The Press

The Press reports the Christchurch City Council may "shame" people into more energy-efficient ways by using an aircraft with infra-red imaging to identify poorly-insulated houses.

Primary and intermediate schools are set to be ranked in league tables next year.

Otago Daily Times

The paper says police in rural areas around Dunedin are warning property owners to be careful about choosing tenants after increasing problems with criminal activity at rental properties.

And the Otago Daily Times reports Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin has dismissed calls for a city-wide referendum to decide the fate of the planned Awatea St stadium.