15 Apr 2009

Wednesday's newspaper headlines

8:15 am on 15 April 2009

Parents throw children into the sea to save them from boat smash; Fiji's martial-law rulers launch fresh wave of arrests; Queenstown Lakes District Council to delay nine major projects in a bid to stem skyrocketing debt.

NZ Herald

The paper leads with the Government considering a new Maori prison where inmates go flatting and the focus is on healing.

The New Zealand Herald says Parliament is to consider scrapping legislation requiring parents and volunteers in schools and early childcare centres to undergo police checks.

A 14-year-old schoolgirl, who moved to Auckland from Mumbai in 2002, will get to perform with a Bollywood star after being spotted at the ASB Polynesian festival.

Dominion Post

The lead story in the Dominion Post tells of a family who had to throw their two children into the sea to save them when a launch smashed into their boat.

As Fiji's political and economic situation deteriorates, coup leader Frank Bainimarama is reported to be worried elements of the military may turn on him.

The paper carries a picture of an elderly dog which was stolen from its owner's home and used as fighting "bait", mauled by pit bull terriers and then had a man try to break its leg. The dog is now recovering at an SPCA home.

The Press

The Press leads with Fiji's martial-law rulers launching a fresh wave of arrests and intimidation as they fear a counter-coup and economic meltdown.

The story of the parents who threw their two children overboard to save them is also on the front page.

A sports lawyer warns that agents are targeting young school sports stars as they try to fill their client books.

Otago Daily Times

The paper reports the Queenstown Lakes District Council will delay nine major projects in a bid to head off its skyrocketing debt of up to $413 million by 2019.

The ODT also carries a report on a separate Maori prison with a focus on healing which is being considered by Government.

A Mini taking part in the re-enactment of the movie Goodbye Pork Pie had its own mechanical problems. The Mini was one of 37 in a road trip to raise money for the Starship Foundation.