5 May 2009

Mornjng Report: local papers

5:55 am on 5 May 2009

Tuesday's papers: Much closer defence relationship tipped between NZ and Australia; airfares at near record lows; DoC under fire over $22 million in deals made with power companies.

NZ Herald

Under a banner headline reading 'Bring Back the ANZACs," The New Zealand Herald says New Zealand and Australia will draw into a much closer defence relationship in a bid to deal with emerging crises in the Pacific.

Also on the front page: the big Australian-owned banks are said to be charging New Zealanders more on floating-rate mortgages than their Australian customers despite the Australian official cash rate being higher than New Zealand's.

And the Government is showing increased signs of flexibility on Maori seats and more local representation for the Auckland Super City council.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post says airfares are plummeting to near record lows, giving bargain prices for overseas holidays.

A jury has been told that a mother believed to be possessed with demons was fatally exorcised in a crowded Wainuiomata flat where water was poured into her in an effort to drive away the curse.

Director Peter Jackson has unveiled the first glimpses of his remake of the movie Dambusters, with a mockup of a Lancaster bomber at Hood aerodrome at Masterton.

The Press

The Press reports the Department of Conservation is under fire over $22 million in deals it has made with power companies.

Two Christchurch mothers united by grief when their only daughters were killed after a party are finding a "sisterhood" of support by living together.

Two years ago today, Jane Young and Hannah Rossiter were hit when a car was driven through a crowd.

Hannah's mother Sally Rossiter moved in with Lorraine Young and her sons this year: they say the arrangement provides support to both grieve and celebrate their daughters' lives .


The Otago Daily Times leads with the findings of a survey of 1700 Otago teenagers about their safety on the internet.

About 15% of Dunedin's water supply, recently upgraded at a cost of $64 million, is reportedly lost to leaks and burst pipes each year.