5 May 2009

October 2010 too soon for super-city - North Shore mayor

12:01 pm on 5 May 2009

North Shore City Mayor Andrew Williams says the Government should defer the introduction of the Auckland super-city, saying it's ramming through legislation to get it up and running.

The first of three proposed bills to set up a new council for the region will be introduced next week and passed under urgency.

Mr Williams says the plan to have the super-city in place by the elections in October 2010 is too soon.

He says the Government has not given enough detail about how the city will be governed at the lower level, and the deadline should be extended.

Manukau Mayor Len Brown says he wants people to turn out in "massive numbers" to select committee hearings on the bill.

He says the Government does not appear to have listened to Auckland leaders over the past few weeks and it's now time to mobilise community opposition.