7 May 2009

Morning Report: local papers

6:28 am on 7 May 2009

Thursday's papers: gang patches and other insignia will be banned in Wanganui; in a reflection of the worsening economy fewer police officers are leaving the job; 127 burglaries in student area of Christchurch.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald says gang patches and other insignia will be banned in Wanganui after a law giving police the power to arrest, seize and fine wearers was passed in Parliament on Wednesday night.

Prime Minister John Key says the Budget will increase spending on education and health but not much else.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post says fewer police officers are leaving the job than at any time since the 1930s.

The paper says its a reflection of the worsening economy and rising fears of unemployment and is being mirrored throughout the public service as the job market dries up.

Wellington woke to booming thunder, flashes of lightning and a deluge of rain and hail on Wednesday - the start of a week of soggy and frigid weather.

Owners caught walking their dog without a way to dispose of 'pet deposits' will face a $300 fine if proposed bylaw changes are approved by Wellington City Council.

The Press

The political editor of The Press says proposed spending increases in health and education by the former Labour Government are likely to be axed in the Budget.

The Treasury's statements for the nine months to March show the Government's books are $7.7 billion dollars in the red - that's $3.2 billion worse than forecast in December.

A "disturbing" number of burglaries near the University of Canterbury have prompted police warnings to students. In the three months to April there were 127 burglaries in suburbs heavily populated with students.


The Otago Daily Times reports Customs is remaining tight-lipped about a container loaded with weapons intercepted in Dunedin.

Boxes of dummy .50 calibre heavy machinegun rounds and decommissioned grenades, mortar bombs and rifle grenades were amongst the cache, although none were live.

A compromise has been reached over an attempt to get a High Court interim injunction to stop the Otago Regional Council contributing ratepayer funds to the new stadium.