29 May 2009

Boy racer attack victim feared for life

4:53 pm on 29 May 2009

The victim of a boy racer attack in Christchurch on Wednesday says she feared for her life as her car was blocked in and its windows were smashed.

The Aviation Security Service employee says she was driving a clearly marked work car near Christchurch Airport when she was confronted by people in as many as 100 vehicles.

She says a man resembling a tattooed gang member blocked her path.

The woman says he gestured and waved what looked like a tyre wrench and it occurred to her that the only way she might escape alive was to run her assailants down.

However she could not bring herself to do it and stayed put, hoping the crowd would not hurt her.

The woman managed to get away after three of her car windows were smashed, showering her hair and uniform with glass.

She made a statement to police on Friday.