2 Jun 2009

No success for appeal over wife's murder

12:07 pm on 2 June 2009

A man found guilty of slitting his wife's throat has had his appeal against the murder conviction dismissed.

The Court of Appeal has released its ruling on the case of Laxman Rajamani, who was convicted of killing his wife Chitra Ramakrishnan in Auckland in 2005.

During two trials, the Crown stated that Rajamani had entered into an arranged marriage with his wife when she was in India.

It said when she joined him in New Zealand the couple had on-going difficulties with their relationship, until his anger boiled over and he cut her throat.

Rajamani's defence was that he lost his self control when his wife told him of her intention to leave him to live with a Pakistani man.

The appeal centred around issues of provocation and the admissibility of certain witness statements.

The Court of Appeal has rejected both grounds.