12 Jun 2009

Friday's newspaper headlines

9:15 pm on 12 June 2009

Auckland Hospital on swine flu alert; suppression lifted on Bain evidence; soldiers banned from a Christchurch bar after a 50-strong fight.

NZ Herald

On Friday, the New Zealand Herald led with Swine Flu, with Auckland Hospital put on high alert on Thursday after a nurse and son tested positive to the disease. Access to a ward was restricted and operations were postponed due to the outbreak.

The paper also covered John Key's plan to turn Queens Wharf into "party central" for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Auckland City ratepayers will be asked to pick up the more than $100 million tab.

Dominion Post

Under the headline "What the jury didn't hear", the Dominion Post on Friday reported on the evidence suppressed by the Court of Appeal during the Bain trail. The paper analysed the reasons why the 111 call and what they are calling a "false alibi" evidence was kept from the jury.

Also on the front page was the shooting of a Nomad gang associate at the tangi of former underworld boss Dennis Hines in Foxton.

The Press

The lead story on Friday was the verdict in the Marie Davis trial. The paper said Miss Davis's family and friends cried and cheered as Dean Cameron was found guilty of rape and murder. The Press said Cameron was already a convicted rapist.

The paper also had coverage of the suppressed David Bain evidence.

The Press reported on soldiers being banned from a Christchurch bar after a 50-strong fight in the bar's carpark during the early hours of Thursday morning.

Otago Daily Times

The paper on Friday led with the David Bain evidence, reporting the opinion of Otago University law lecturer Kevin Dawkins who said he is surprised the jury didn't hear the evidence. He said a direct witness was not allowed to give evidence on the paper round "alibi", while evidence verging on hearsay about Robin and Laniet Bain was allowed.

The B-52s and the Proclaimers were coming to Dunedin in December, the ODT said.