23 Jun 2009

Morning Report: local papers

6:07 am on 23 June 2009

Tuesday's papers: Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast is under 24-hour protection; PM's primary school faces closure; $30 million lottery jackpot to go this week.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald reports almost a third of people infected with swine flu will show no symptoms, but still be able to pass on the virus. The Ministry of Health says up to half the population could contract the virus.

The Prime Minister is making it clear he won't tolerate active campaigning on the smacking referendum by Families Commissioner Christine Rankin.

Big Wednesday's $30 million jackpot will definitely go to at least one ticket-holder this week.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post says Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast is under 24-hour protection after physical threats were made against her. The threats follow city councillor Rob Goulden being escorted from a council meeting by police after an outburst last week, but he is not involved in the threats against Ms Prendergast.

The SIS was spying on Green MPs Sue Bradford and Catherine Delahunty even when they were teenagers, according to their files.

The Press

The Press reports Christchurch City Council is considering spending $5.3 million buying homes near Ruapuna Raceway. Residents have been plagued by noise issues since the racecourse was allowed to operate every day.

Aorangi School, the primary school whose former pupils include John Key, faces possible closure. The school's rolls are falling, and it hasn't been able to get money from the Ministry of Education to upgrade rotting buildings.


The Otago Daily Times says construction of the new Dunedin stadium will cost ratepayers at least $261 million once interest on loans is added in.

The Farmers department store chain is considering its policy on in-store music after a Dunedin man complained of sexually explicit lyrics in a song played over the store loudspeakers. The offending words were "You wanna get in my pants".

Broadcasters Simon Dallow and Alison Mau have separated after 19 years together.