26 Dec 2008

Bereaved father warns travellers over safety standards

1:44 pm on 26 December 2008

The father of a woman killed while on her honeymoon in Fiji is warning intending holiday makers to research safety standards before booking at resorts.

Mark Crawley established the Forever 26 trust to promote better safety standards after his daughter was killed just over a year ago. She was hit on the head by a boat propeller at a luxury resort in Fiji.

Mr Crawley says tougher safety restrictions on water activities such as diving and boating could have prevented his daughter's death.

He says the trust aims to educate people about safety issues at Pacific Island resorts. Many of these do not have safety restrictions or adequate medical care, he says.

He says travellers need to consider safety, just as much as they consider their menu or activities when choosing their holiday.

The driver of the boat that hit Mr Crawley's daughter has been charged with manslaughter and will appear in the High Court in Fiji in March.