9 Jul 2009

Lessons of Invercargill tragedy feared lost on drivers

9:47 am on 9 July 2009

People in Invercargill believe a crash that killed three teenagers will make others think twice about speeding, but fear the lesson will still be lost on some.

Tyler Parry and Ethan Peek, both aged 16, and their driver Jesse Langeveld, 19, died last week when a modified Honda Civic crashed into a concrete shop wall.

Shawn Milne, 16, the only survivor, is in a stable condition at Southland Hospital.

Reformed boy racer Johnathan Woods, 25, says that while many have changed their attitude since the tragedy, he has already seen boy racers speeding around the streets of the city.

Southland Road Safety Co-ordinator Jane Ballantyne says parents need to stop wrapping their children in cotton wool and let them learn about consequences.

She says they should ask why their children are driving around in modified boy racer vehicles.