9 Jul 2009

Hamilton V8 spectators fined for using roofs

7:33 pm on 9 July 2009

Hamilton City Council says it has an obligation to enforce the Building Act after it fined people for using makeshift stands to watch V8 car races.

Eleven notices have been issued for people being on roofs or for using makeshift stands to watch the Hamilton 400 event in April.

Dentist Ron White says he received a $1500 fine after he let friends and family watch the races from the roof of his Frankton house.

Mr White says there were no prior warnings from the council and he is refusing tot pay the fine.

He says residents put up with the inconvenience the races cause, and the council should be more understanding.

However, the council says it did warn individual residents that the behaviour was unacceptable.

Spokesperson Phil Burton says the the situation was extremely unsafe. He says in one instance, there were up to eight people and a couch of an old roof that was not built to take the weight.

Hamilton mayor Bob Simcock says he expects council officers to enforce the law regardless of what the event was.