23 Jul 2009

Thursday's newspaper headlines

10:42 am on 23 July 2009

The major newspapers on Thursday were dominated by the conviction of Clayton Weatherston for the murder of his former girlfriend Sophie Elliott.

The New Zealand Herald takes an in-depth look at Sophie Elliott's life following the guilty verdict handed down to Clayton Weatherston. Her parents tell of what might have been and scholars tell of her intellectual talents.

The lead in the Dominion Post says Miss Elliott's legacy will be the scrapping of provocation as a defence. It says Justice Minister Simon Power wants the defence gone as soon as possible and may announce his intentions on Thursday.

The front page of The Press has extensive coverage of what happened outside the High Court in Christchurch. It reports the families' sympathy for each other and a juror lingering to talk to the Elliot family. Sophie Elliot's mother also describes New Zealand as a loving country and is grateful for the support given by the public.

The Otago Daily Times dedicates its whole front page to Sophie Elliott, leading with her parents' reaction to the verdict. Gil and Lesley Elliot say it was the right decision and there is a certain relief that the trial is over. They speak frankly about the justice system, their daughter and what happened that day. The Weatherston family also talk about their thoughts. The paper speculates on the non-parole period Clayton Weartherston will face - calling it the big question.

In other news: the New Zealand Herald reveals an unemployed man put forward by Labour as someone who'd benefit from its "dole for people whose partners are still earning" policy owns two properties and a lifestyle block.

And weather forecasters are warning to batten down the hatches....again.

The Dominion Post says a Hawke's Bay man plans to disobey a council order to tear down a sea wall in an area prone to coastal erosion. The paper also reports percolated coffee is to be scrapped from Wellington Hospital in an effort to save almost $200,000.