24 Jul 2009

Court order not needed for squatter eviction - lawyer

9:09 am on 24 July 2009

The lawyer for a Kaikohe businessman locked out of his building by squatters, says he should not have to go to court to have them evicted.

Doug Blaikie is acting for Glenn Hannah, who bought the commercial building in a mortgagee sale more than two months ago.

A group calling itself Te Uri o Tupoto, including the widow of the building's former owner, refuses to let Mr Hannah take possession, claiming sovereignty rights and a fraudulent sale. A Maori independence flag flies from the roof.

Mr Blaikie says the sale was entirely lawful and the group is using "nonsensical sovereignty claims" to thumb its nose at the law.

He believes the police could evict the squatters with a trespass notice, but they insist on a court order.