24 Jul 2009

More land movement at Auckland trouble spot

9:31 pm on 24 July 2009

Manukau City Council is warning people to stay well away from part of Bucklands Beach due to the unpredictability of continuing land movement.

Significant wind and rain on Thursday night has caused fresh and dangerous movement, which has now collapsed part of the abandoned home owned by former Manukau mayor Sir Barry Curtis.

The cliff at suburban Clovelly Road has been expected to fall for some time. In September last year, nine homes had to be evacuated.

The deck and office at Sir Barry's home has now detached from the condemned building and the lawn has sunk almost two metres.

The council says the latest movement is a clear sign that the cliff face could collapse and people need to stay away from the site.

However, the council is not expecting to order any fresh evacuations.

Police have secured the area and security guards will be at the site throughout the weekend. The council is warning boats to stay away from the area also.

Geotechnical advisers on Friday assessed the land movement and its effect on the properties.