25 Jul 2009

Single councils wanted in Northland and Waikato

7:50 am on 25 July 2009

Some of Auckland's neighbours want to become super-cities too.

The Far North District Council and a Waikato group comprising former mayors and community leaders are calling for their regions to each be run under one authority.

Former Hamilton Mayor Margaret Evans says the Waikato group would like to see a mayor and 14 councillors replace the current eight mayors, one chair and 92 councillors across the region.

She says people would better understand one district plan, instead of eight different ones.

Far North Mayor Wayne Brown says a district council is all that's needed to govern the Far North and the Northland Regional Council is not necessary.

He says a country as small as New Zealand does not need three layers of governance.

Mr Brown says the Far North is also quite happy to have direct Maori representation.