12 Jan 2009

Memorial event for Scottish woman killed in Taupo

9:06 am on 12 January 2009

A special dance has been held on the Orkney Islands in memory of Scottish tourist Karen Aim who was killed in Taupo while on a working holiday last year.

Ms Aim, 26, died of head injuries following an attack on a Taupo street on 17 January.

A 15-year-old boy has been charged with her murder. He has pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Ms Aim's family says the ceilidh, held at a hall in the tiny village of Holm at the weekend, was "a joyous occasion".

Her brother Alan told Summer Report on Monday the family is coping well with the grief and plans to attend the murder trial in February.

Mr Aim said his sister was well known throughout Orkney and many people bought tickets to the ceilidh.

The evening began with speeches and a one-minute silence before three bands played traditional Scottish music.

Any money raised would be used to preserve the community hall in Holm.