1 Aug 2009

Two men stabbed in Cambridge

9:52 pm on 1 August 2009

Police in Cambridge are appealing for witnesses after two men were stabbed. One has serious facial wounds.

The attack on the men, aged 34 and 31 years, happened at about 11.20pm on Friday while the pair were walking home along Victoria Street.

Police say a man, aged 23, tried to provoke the men by punching one in the face.

A struggle took place before the offender fled, leaving one of the men on the ground with stab wounds to his left arm and face. The facial wound is described as serious and the man has been operated on.

The second man's injury is described as not life-threatening.

The police are calling on a young couple who witnessed the attack to come forward.

Detective Scott McDougall says a witness told police a couple in their twenties, from North Africa, physically intervened in the struggle.

He says the police would like to speak to the couple about the attack, as well as acknowledge their actions.

The police say a man is in custody facing two charges of wounding with intent to cause grevious bodily harm. He was found at an address in Hamilton Rd.

The police say a knife and blood-stained clothing have been recovered from his home.