3 Aug 2009

Woman mauled by pack of pig dogs

10:38 pm on 3 August 2009

A woman has been seriously injured after being mauled by eight pig dogs near Arapuni in south Waikato.

Police say the woman, 36, from Putaruru, was jogging when she was attacked by the pack on Monday. She suffered injuries to most of her body.

The dogs were unrestrained and ran out of a rural property about 11.30am and mauled the woman. Her companion who was on a bicycle raised the alarm.

Emergency services were on the scene quickly and the woman was flown to Waikato hospital where she underwent surgery for extensive injuries on Monday.

Sergeant Jason Shailer says the woman did not lose consciousness at any stage of the attack.

"She was certainly very lucky. However, help from her friend and other people nearby certainly minimised what the injuries could have been."

Mr Shailer says the woman has run past the farm property on other occasions and has never had any problems with the dogs.

He says the dogs' owner has agreed to the animals being put down.

Police are investigating the incident and will speak to the owner on Tuesday before deciding if charges will be laid.