11 Aug 2009

Morning Report: local papers

7:07 am on 11 August 2009

Tuesday's papers: US warning issued that the Taliban is gaining the upper hand in Afghanistan; overseas holiday travel by MPs and ex-MPs likely to be reviewed; programme closures and job cuts expected at Otago University.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald says the Government's decision to send the SAS back to Afghanistan came as the top US general there warned that the Taliban is gaining the upper hand.

Also on the front page: a review of taxpayer discounts for overseas holidays of MPs and ex-MPs has moved a step closer with the National and Labour Party leaders saying they would not stand in the way of one.

And the paper says the Government has afforded itself 'wriggle room' in international negotiations on carbon-dioxide emissions by committing to cut up to a third of current levels by 2020.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post leads with climate change and says the cost of "doing our bit" will be $27 per week each by 2020.

In other news: energy officials have been asked to look at whether heating and insulation companies are raising prices to take advantage of a Government scheme.

The Press

The Press reports New Zealand troops are likely to remain in Afghanistan for another five years, with the Government agreeing to United States pleas for more help from the SAS.

On climate change: environmentalists have criticised New Zealand's 'timid target' for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which they say put negotiations for a new world deal at risk.


The Otago Daily Times reports job cuts and the closure of some programmes are likely as the University of Otago tries to trim its budget ahead of a significant drop in Government funding from 2011.

Flocks of birds are in for what the paper calls 'tough love' at the Green Island landfill.

The "tough" part will come in the form of poisoned bait being scattered at the landfill, ready to be scoffed by black-backed seagulls.

The "love" part will come when contractors rescue and resuscitate other birds which have been drugged unintentionally.