6 Sep 2009

Waterfront development prompts debate

10:53 am on 6 September 2009

Debate over waterfront development is continuing in Auckland and Wellington.

Critics say open space in Auckland could become the domain of wealthy apartment dwellers and crowd out opportunities for ordinary people to enjoy the old city quays.

Wellington lobbyists say this almost happened in the capital but was headed off by relentless campaigning from the lobby group, Waterfront Watch.

However the Wellington City Council says it always wanted open space and Waterfront Watch is exaggerating its own successes.

John Dalziell, who manages the company rejuvenating the Auckland waterfront's Wynyard Quarter, or Tank Farm, says the development opens up a large tract of space to the public.

He says about a third of the waterfront space is open to the public, another third used for marine and fishing use and the remainder for mixed use including both apartments and small business.