2 Oct 2009

Meeting planned to ease cycleway tensions

12:52 pm on 2 October 2009

Auckland City Council is planning a forum to try to ease tensions between users of one of Auckland's most dangerous cycle routes, where a group of cyclists was injured.

Four people were hurt, one of critically, in a collision between a car and a group of cyclists on Tamaki Drive on Saturday.

The council says Tamaki Drive is one of Auckland's most popular biking routes with more than 800 riders on some days, but it's also home to five of the city's nine cycle blackspots.

Road safety spokesperson Councillor John Lister says the collision on Saturday has prompted a war of words between motorists and cyclists which has prompted the council to hold a forum to find a way to share the road.

He says 20,000 cyclists use Tamaki Drive each year, and large numbers of cyclists use the road at weekends.

Auckland Cycle Action deputy chair Barbara Cuthbert says the forum must come up with a plan of action, not simply be a talk fest.

A date is yet to be set for the forum, and Ms Cuthbert says it's vital the council takes action before summer.