21 Oct 2009

Tamaki Drive cycle safety forum held

6:00 pm on 21 October 2009

Cyclists, residents and police met at the Auckland Town Hall on Wednesday to discuss how to make Tamaki Drive safer. It is the busiest cycle route in the city, with five cycle blackspots.

Four people were hospitalised last month after a car hit a group of cyclists on the busy waterfront route.

One is still in a rehabilitation centre with serious head injuries.

The meeting looked at how Tamaki Drive can be better shared by cyclists and motorists.

Ideas ranging from redesigning the road to banning all cars have been floated at the meeting.

Cyclist Philip Carnaby told council members the road should be limited to residents only.

But the council says it's not an option it is seriously considering.

Transport committee chair Ken Baguley says reducing traffic speed, electronic warning signs at dangerous intersections and changes to parking have all been suggested.

Tamaki Drive is the busiest cycle route in the city, with more than 200,000 trips in the past 11 months.

Auckland City Council says five of the nine cycle blackspots in Auckland are at intersections along Tamaki Drive.

Mr Baguley says a working group will be formed, and will report back to the

committee at its February meeting.