22 Oct 2009

Capital commuters not happy with bus service

6:28 pm on 22 October 2009

Wellington commuters have criticised bus drivers for rude, unhelpful behaviour and bad habits behind the wheel.

The Wellington Regional Council is undertaking an extensive review of public transport and on Thursday gave the first glimpse of results from its public consultations.

Up to 15% of the 3253 respondents commented on customer service, though that was not a direct question posed by the council.

Public transport planner Doug Weir says commuters are reporting rude exchanges over incorrect change for fares, some drivers departing too soon and others too quickly.

Mr Weir says this should not be happening and the issue will be taken up with the operator, NZ Bus.

The review showed 97% of respondents used public transport in the past year and 86% travelled at peak time in the mornings.

The Johnsonville train line is the most used route of all train, bus and ferry routes in the city.

Respondents told the council that infrequency, hours of operation and journey times are their biggest bugbears.

The council review will run for a further two years.