25 Oct 2009

Police doubt one person is targetting Auckland cyclists

3:06 pm on 25 October 2009

Police investigating a hit and run near Helensville that killed a cyclist say other bike riders have reported incidents involving a similar vehicle.

Dr Graham Robinson was riding along Peak Road in Helensville with a friend 12 days ago when police say he was hit by a white 1980s-style Toyota Hilux ute.

Police are still trying to find the vehicle and its driver.

Detective Mark Palma of the Orewa Police says cyclists have reported incidents where the vehicle is a similar colour, make and model to the one they are after.

He says they have also reported behaviour such driving too close, tooting and otherwise frightening cyclists.

He says police haven't ruled out the possibility that one person could be involved, but while some descriptions of the vehicles involved match the one sought by police, others don't.