18 Nov 2009

Public in dark on infill housing plans, say residents

8:28 pm on 18 November 2009

Wellington City Council is being accused of secrecy and obstructive behaviour by some Johnsonville residents over its plans for intensive infill housing.

The council has identified Johnsonville and Kilbirnie as suburbs ripe for added townhouses and apartments. It is seeking public feedback on the issue until 27 November.

The Johnsonville Progressive Association has accused the council of miring its plans in confusing language and failing to actively push for public input.

Association spokesperson Graeme Sawyer fears the proposals could turn the area into a ghetto if they are not changed.

"It's going to mean a lot of individuals face monstrosities going up on their boundary, face schools becoming so overcrowded that they have to bus miles out of zone to find a school that they can go to.

"Parking on the roads of Johnsonville will be completely unavailable because there will be so many additional cars there, it's just going to become gridlock."

The council's urban development leader, Andy Foster, says the plan change has been made as public as possible, and there is some onus on residents to take up the opportunities offered to have their say.