11 Dec 2009

Auckland council acts to make dangerous road safer

6:19 pm on 11 December 2009

The Auckland City Council says it is taking action on one of the region's most dangerous roads to reduce crashes between cyclists and motorists.

The council is acting on ideas from the Tamaki Drive road safety working party, formed after a motorist hit a group of cyclists on the busy waterfront road in September, injuring four men.

Transport committee chair Ken Baguley says safety problems had been brought to a head by the accident, but hopes the measures will help.

Changes due to be in place by Christmas include a warning sign activated by cyclists, temporary signs encouraging road users to share the space and a new road-user protocol.

Barb Cuthburt of the Cycle Action group says serious crashes between cyclists and cars are a weekly occurrence and it is pleased the council is taking action promptly.

She says she gets reports of near-misses, crashes and injuries to cyclists on a weekly basis.