1 Jan 2010

Party, party, party

8:04 am on 1 January 2010

Friday's papers: Well-behaved New Year party time; millennium baby celebrates her 10th birthday; ticket revenue from speed cameras down by more than $5 million last year.

NZ Herald

"Party, Party, Party!" That's what we did on Thursday night and police told The New Zealand Herald that in general, we remained well-behaved while doing so.

In Auckland, the New Year was ushered in with a fireworks display at Sky Tower. A fabulous photo is on the front page, taken by Sarah Ivey on a four second exposure.

Also in the Herald: an enterprising couple in Gisborne are plugging into the summer business market. Around 18,000 people are there for the Rhythm & Vines festival. And for $5, they can recharge their electrical devices too.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post has a picture of Olivia England, Wellington's first millennium baby who is celebrating her 10th birthday.

Olivia was born at Wellington Hospital, 26 minutes past midnight on 1 January, 2000 - a month earlier than expected.

Speed cameras are working: ticket revenue fell by almost a quarter last year, that's more than $5 million. Ngauranga Gorge remains the country's most ticketed spot.

The Press

The front page of The Press is filled with mugshots and quotes from people who were asked: "What do you think has been the most significant event in your community in the past 10 years?"

Answers range from the terrorist attacks on the twin towers in New York and increased foreign ownership of New Zealand, to things a bit closer to home.

For Steve Rondell of Redwood it's the weather. He says you knew what it was going to be like 10 years ago, but not now.

For Vaughan Morrison of Prebbleton it's the southern motorway. He says, ''It goes through the foot of our house - we're hamstrung.''


The Otago Daily Times reports it was a balmy night in Dunedin where a 'peaceful' crowd of 12,000 saw in the New Year.

Revellers partied in the Octagon to Dunedin bands Del Girl and Soul Deep before counting in the New Year at midnight.