12 Jan 2010

Wanted: new slogan for Dunedin

3:05 pm on 12 January 2010

Hundreds of people have been putting forward ideas for a replacement for the slogan "I am Dunedin", which the city council has decided to drop.

The move has proved a popular discussion topic on internet sites, with many people lampooning council spending, unruly students and the city's weather.

As the council seeks input from creative agencies across the country, tongue-in-cheek ideas posted on local websites include "Dunedin: Looking Forward to Global Warming" and "You're Not in Scotland Now, Dr Ropata".

"It's a Riot" is a popular contribution, as are potshots at the city council, including "Dunedin: It's Highly Rated."

More sober suggestions include "Pure Gold", "Pride of the South" and "New Zealand's First City".

City council marketing team leader Jennifer Hooker says the public will be informed when some favoured options are on the table.