8 Feb 2010

Monday's newspaper headlines

9:14 am on 8 February 2010

Super-clinics planned in big health shake-up; criminals surrender at sight of taser; anger after fatal crash; property values up despite tax doubt.

NZ Herald

Primary health care services are to undergo their biggest shakeup in nearly a decade, the paper says, with some hospital services to be shifted to integrated family health centres as early as July.

House sales did not jump as usual in January and the NZ Herald suggests possible changes to how investment property is taxed could be part of the reason.

The paper carries a photo of Japanese whaling ship and a protest ship close to a collision in the Antarctic.

Dominion Post

Nine people were shot with tasers in their first year of use. The police say many criminals had surrendered as soon as they saw a taser was about to be used.

The Dominion Post carries a front page photo of the Titahi Bay surf boat team on their way to winning the national title. They say they were inspired by the memory of three teenage club members who died in a car crash on their way to the event ten years ago.

There's a report on personalised number plates that were cancelled once authorities figured out they were offensive.

The Press

A West Coast man whose son was killed in a hit-and-run on Saturday morning wants to know why the driver, who fled the scene before later handing herself in to police, is not in custody.

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully says lives are at risk in the continuing clashes between Japanese whalers and protest ships in the Antarctic.

There's a report on Waitangi Day celebrations, including the annual Maori versus Pakeha league match on Stewart Island.

Otago Daily Times

Property prices rose in January despite doubts over tax changes, the paper says, but notes the expected rise in sales volume did not happen.

Tests continue for the Navy's problematic new offshore patrol ship The Otago, that was supposed to have been delivered nearly three years ago.

A Dunedin man will appear in court after a stag night stunt backfired on Saturday night. Police say a man with a large ball and chain tied to his leg swung the ball and smashed a large shop window.