13 Feb 2010

Wellington City Council to review governance

9:24 pm on 13 February 2010

Wellington City Council has taken a step towards the formation of a super-city with a review to be held on how the region is governed.

Councillors say the introduction of an amalgamated council model in Auckland means Wellington needs to consider a super-city format.

Mayior Kerry Prendergast says councils in the region want to discuss the best options for the future before the Government tells them what to do.

The review will look at the size, purpose and responsibility of existing councils, before local elections in 2013.

The areas involved are: Hutt City, Kapiti, Porirua, Upper Hutt, Wairarapa District and Wellington Regional Council.

Other councils have already approved the review process. The terms of reference were devised by the Wellington Mayoral Forum.

Residents will be advised of details in March 2012.