16 Feb 2010

More money needed for volcanic cones, say councillors

11:33 am on 16 February 2010

Several Auckland city councillors say more funds are needed to maintain the city's 23 volcanic features which are in a state of disrepair.

Eden-Albert ward councillor Cathy Casey says roads and paths over the cones are badly degraded and trees are blocking summit views. She says there has been no attempt to weed out trees and noxious plants.

Auckland City mayor John Banks agrees the cones have been neglected, but says Aucklanders cannot afford a rates hike to pay for the work and suggests the public could help.

"I invite residents to take a look at the wonderful volcanic cone next to where they live and maybe pick up a clean sack, and maybe pick up some rubbish and start cleaning up," he says.

"Now to be honest some people already do that and I'm grateful for it."

Ms Casey says money for repairs could be diverted from the council's World Cup commitments.