17 Feb 2010

Volcano protection planning 'empty words'

6:51 am on 17 February 2010

Ngati Whatua says Auckland's City Council's commitment to protect the city's volcanic cones does not go beyond words on planning documents.

The council has set aside $457,000 this year to maintain all of the city's 23 volcanic features.

Ngarimu Blair from Ngati Whatua o Orakei Trust Board says that's not enough and will mean the continued degradation of the sites.

Waatea News reports that's a concern for the 12 mana whenua iwi and hapu who signed a framework agreement last week with the Crown promising them ownership and co-management of at least 11 cones.

Mr Blair says the budget does not match the council's claim the maunga make Auckland what it is.

He told Waatea News they are "empty words on planning documents" and there is no real committment to protect them from erosion and tourism.