18 Mar 2010

Thursday's newspaper headlines

10:03 am on 18 March 2010

Man stabbed after confronting two young women burglars; peace protesters acquitted in spy base attack; two police officers under investigation.

NZ Herald

A young Hamilton father was stabbed with a steak knife and bitten after he confronted two burglars - both young women - on Tuesday, an incident police say could easily have ended in tragedy.

Three peace protesters have been found not guilty of an attack on a top-secret South Island spy base, despite freely admitting causing damage put at a million dollars.

Dominion Post

The defence mounted by the peace protesters in the Wellington District Court, that they carried out the attack to prevent others' suffering, has been successfully used by Iraq-war protesters overseas, but is thought to be a New Zealand first.

New Zealand tourists are pitching in to help clear debris and erect shelters on a cyclone-devastated island in Fiji.

Hunters are gunning for a Maori trust after being banned from duck-shooting at two lakes near Eastbourne in Lower Hutt.

The Press

The paper also leads with the Waihopai decision, saying the activists readily admitted attacking the base, but said they were driven by a belief that the satellite caused human suffering and their actions to shut it down were lawful.

The Press carries a photo of the rescue of a Christchurch man, who spent an hour trapped under his vehicle after what's being described as a "bizarre" accident at a Riccarton shopping mall. The man was shunted under his car after an elderly woman driver crashed into a tree next to where he was standing.

Otago Daily Times

One southern police officer has been suspended and another stood down, both on full pay. A Gore-based officer has been suspended pending the outcome of fraud charges and a Central Otago police officer is the subject of a police investigation.

The "cave rave" being planned for Long Beach will instead be held at Dunedin nightspot Sammy's after a safety inspection at the beach found revellers could be at risk from loose boulders perched high up a cliff face.