1 Apr 2010

Scores arrested in Bay of Plenty raids

11:08 am on 1 April 2010

Police in the Bay of Plenty have arrested 115 people in a two-week operation against organised crime and drugs.

Police say they have destroyed several thousand cannabis plants, confiscated methamphetamine, also known as the drug "P" and seized a large amount of stolen property.

Armed offender squads attended 10 of the 172 raids, which resulted in 115 arrests throughout the Bay of Plenty.

Police found 10 indoor cannabis cultivation set-ups, ranging from basic to large-scale, and seized 43kg of dried cannabis head.

Officers also found guns, including pistols, sawn-off shotguns and full length rifles.

The Ministry of Justice collected about $100,000 in outstanding fines.

Police recovered stolen motor vehicles, trailers and generators worth more than $60,000.