2 Apr 2010

More security guards urged after Otara fight

1:13 pm on 2 April 2010

Community Board members in the South Auckland suburb of Otara are calling for increased security, following a brawl involving about 20 people in the town centre on Thursday afternoon.

Officers received reports that baseball bats, sticks and a fence paling were used in the fight, which started at about 4.30pm.

One person was taken to hospital with facial injuries and a gash to his chin.

Police took blood samples from the scene of the brawl, along with fingerprints from bottles and cans of alcohol.

Otara Community Board member Mary Gush says there was a lot of potential for innocent bystanders to be hurt.

Ms Gush says at the time of the fight only one security guard was nearby, who couldn't do anything to stop it, and she wants more security in the area.

She says police, Maori wardens, security staff and representatives of the Manukau City Council have been invited a meeting on Saturday.

Acting Detective Sergeant Natalie Nelson says police do not know why the fight broke out.