7 Apr 2010

Separate bin for food and garden rubbish suggested

4:07 pm on 7 April 2010

A suggestion that there should have a separate bin for food and garden rubbish in roadside collections in Auckland is welcomed by an environmental consultant.

A report to the Auckland Transition Agency has suggested the new super-city considers organic bins as well recycling and general waste for residential collections to help reduce rubbish.

Consultant Wayne Snow says as food waste contributes such a large amount to the landfill it would be crazy not separate it out.

He says food waste produces dangerous greenhouse gases and to elimate it from landfill will help the future of the environment.

Last year, Auckland sent 1.4 million tonnes of rubbish to landfills - an amount that will need to be reduced by 20% by 2015 under the Waste Minimisation Act.