12 Apr 2010

Suzanne Prentice to contest Invercargill mayoralty

6:47 pm on 12 April 2010

The Invercargill mayoralty race is hotting up with entertainer Suzanne Prentice deciding to take on Tim Shadbolt for the job.

Ms Prentice says her decision to contest the mayoralty was spurred by a public spat between Mr Shadbolt and his deputy Neil Boniface last year, where Mr Shadbolt tried unsuccessfully to oust his deputy.

Ms Prentice called the incident disturbing, and says she will run a positive campaign which will focus on the issues, not personalities.

Mr Shadbolt says her decision is great for democracy and good for the city of Invercargill. He says he's looking forward to some robust debate in the coming months.

Invercargill grocer Carl Heenan announced last week that he was running for mayor.