13 Apr 2010

Mayoral forum influence questioned

10:14 am on 13 April 2010

A citizens' forum has been suggested by some of Wellington's residents associations to counter what they say is the power wielded by the region's eight mayors.

The idea emerged from a weekend conference of residents' associations which heard complaints that Wellington's mayoral forum is failing to consult the public.

Federation of Wellington Residents' Associations secretary Tom Law says the forum is making decisions behind closed doors, which are then presented as "almost a fait accompli" to councils and the public.

Mr Law says the mayoral forum is conducting a review of local governance and there are fears it will back an Auckland-style supercity, putting even more power into fewer hands.

The forum's chair, Upper Hutt City mayor Wayne Guppy, says the body doesn't have decision-making powers so is not making decisions behind closed doors without the input of councils.

Mr Guppy says Wellingtonians will be consulted on governance issues.