23 Apr 2010

Minister not impressed by city councillors

5:16 pm on 23 April 2010

Environment Minister Nick Smith says he's not impressed by attempts by Christchurch City Councillors to distance themselves from a decision to sack Canterbury Regional Council members.

As the regional councillors held their last meeting, their counterparts across the city voted to formally record that the regional council's demise was not their doing.

Ten mayors in Canterbury made their low opinions of the regional council known by writing to the Government, a view the Government took on board before it sacked the councillors.

But city councillors say that low opinion was not a view they formally shared and voted at a meeting on Thursday to write to Dr Smith to make that clear.

But Dr Smith says that is not how he sees it. He says the councillors had every chance to make their view known before the regional councillors were dismissed.

A panel of commissioners has been named to replace them.