26 Apr 2010

Mayor to be questioned about overdue rates from Serepisos

6:14 am on 26 April 2010

A Wellington city councillor is to seek answers from mayor Kerry Prendergast about overdue commercial rate payments from high-profile businessman Terry Serepisos.

Wellington City Council has been trying to secure the money for months, but will not confirm a report that the arrears amount is about $2 million.

Wellington-based property developer Terry Serepisos owns the Wellington Phoenix football team and is known for his role on the television programme The Apprentice.

City councillor Rob Goulden says he is not impressed with Ms Prendergast's explanation that the council did not want the Phoenix to be damaged by seeking earlier payment from Mr Serepisos.

He says at a council meeting late last year the mayor and her deputy said the matter had been dealt with.

Mr Gould says he wants an explanation as to why this situation has been allowed to continue.