28 Apr 2010

Kindergarten, school angry brothel has opened nearby

3:07 pm on 28 April 2010

Staff at a kindergarten across the road from a newly-opened brothel in west Auckland say unsavoury clientele may pose a danger to their charges.

The Red Door Massage Parlor opened about two weeks ago opposite Henderson Intermediate School and Lincoln Road Kindergarten.

The brothel has been allowed to open because parlours with fewer than four workers are not required to seek permission from the local council.

The head teacher at Lincoln Road Kindergarten, Philip Brickell, says he is worried about the type of people who may frequent the brothel and does not want them hanging around when there are young children nearby.

He says if the community does not make a stand now it could mean the owner of the brothel will get more brazen in the future.

Henderson Intermediate School chairman Ron Crawford says the school has received about 60 complaints so far from parents who have expressed anger and disbelief.

Mr Crawford says he was told by Waitakere City mayor Bob Harvey that nothing could be done to stop the brothel opening, but city leaders need to come up with an explanation.

The pastor of Lincoln Road Bible Chapel, next to the kindergarten, Peter Brooks says the brothel could attract people involved in drug abuse and violence.

Mr Brooks, who says the owner is callous to have set up his business so close to a kindergarten, says the church is supporting the kindergarten in applying public pressure on the owner to move.