4 May 2010

Neighbourhood 'shattered' by boy's death in fire

6:59 pm on 4 May 2010

A neighbour says the family and friends of a young boy who died in a fire in Whanganui on Monday night are shattered by the death.

Four adult family members were in the Talbot St house with six-year-old Rodayo Robin when the fire broke out.

The adults escaped. One was beaten back by flames and smoke when trying to rescue Rodayo.

The boy's body was not removed till midday on Tuesday, because smoke prevented entry into the gutted house overnight.

Throughout the morning, sombre family members and neighbours gathered around the house. As the body was brought out, family and supporters performed a short karakia and waiata.

Night scene described as mayhem

Neighbour Frances Crump says the street's residents will do whatever they can for the bereaved family.

"Everybody is shattered, the family's shattered, the whole street is just absolutely shattered," she says.

Ms Crump says the huge flames and the family's distress made the scene mayhem on Monday night.