6 May 2010

Thursday's newspaper headlines

8:47 am on 6 May 2010

Missing woman's fate baffles police; hotel prices hiked for Rugby World Cup; state guests dined 'under tonnes of bricks'.

NZ Herald

Tourists are paying more than $17,000 a week to stay in hotel rooms barely bigger than a prison cell during the Rugby World Cup, the paper reports. It's claimed some hotels have increased their rates by 400% and others by up to 1000% for the Cup next year.

An Air New Zealand flight attendant has been sacked after mistakenly sending a ''highly derogatory and offensive'' email about an Air New Zealand manager to the man himself.

Dominion Post

A man was bitten by three people and had his blood drunk in an alleged vampire-type on Wellington's Mt Victoria. Two men and a woman have since been charged.

Builders working on a $45 million revamp of Government House have made the alarming discovery three-and-a-half tonnes of bricks were perched on joists that were not strong enough to support them in the ceiling above state dining room where dignitaries enjoyed lavish banquets.

The Press

The disappearance of Christchurch woman Emma Campbell continues to baffle police. Investigators say that while a crashed car and a disoriented occupant walking into the bush is a likely scenario, a more sinister option has not been ruled out.

A senior Crown appointee is accusing the Government of burying a coastal report because it is anti-development. The Government's Board of Inquiry recommends tougher standards and more attention to preserving coastal landscapes.

Otago Daily Times

The paper tells the story of 10-year-old trotter Kelly Evander who has gone to the races 145 times and still hasn't won. It says she hopes to put paid to her unprecedented run of outs when she contests the first race at Forbury Park on Thursday night.